Projects To Be Proud Of

Of course at Post Factory we’re proud of every DCP we make. On this page we’d like to take a moment celebrate the success of the films that pass through our doors. These films especially, have been seen on the big screen at festivals and cinemas around the country and received special acclaim. We know it’s hard to make a film and even harder still to make a great film. So Filmmakers we salute you!

Kaiser! The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football


Fascinating feature doc that is garnering praise wherever it’s shown. Clever storytelling and compelling editing make this a stand out film.

Official Selection: Tribeca Film Festival 2018

My Feral Heart


Not only did we do the DCP but the finishing as well. A brilliant and sensitive right of passage film with a difference.

3 Awards and 3  nominations in 2016

The Beat Beneath My Feet


A feel good coming of age drama with a rocking soundtrack. We provided a whole host of deliverables to spec, including the DCP.

2 nominations.

Official Selection: Raindance, Berlin

The Lie of You


An excellent and intense indie thriller with a cracking cast. It’s superbly shot and well crafted. Search it out and see it.

Almost Heavan


This fantastic feature doc has been picking up awards left right and centre. A real treat.  PF are proud to have been involved with the DCP.

2 awards, 2 nominations and 1 special mention

Official Selection: Berlin, Open City, Sheffield,Shanghai, Taiwan

Whoever you are…


A moving and brilliantly crafted short film that had our technicians welling up in the QC! It’s won a string of awards and praise from all quarters, especially for the way it handles a difficult subject matter.

4 awards, best actor finalist, honourable mention

The Rabbit’s Foot


An ambitious and beautifully realised short film. A pitch black comic fable, but there’s gold in them thar hills!



Award winning animation with a bite. A scathing commentary on globalisation and consumer culture – but done oh so brilliantly.

Award winner, finalist and special mentions.

Official Selection:

The Nightmare on Deskteeth Street


A delightfully fun and funny short. I didn’t give us nightmares, but it did make us smile a lot.

Official Selection: BFI London, Asthetica

The Last Dance


One of our most favourite films in a long time. Ambitious and creative, with stunning visuals and beautiful story. What’s not to like?

Official Selection: LA Shorts, DC Shorts, London Sci-fi