A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is now the universal way to deliver your film for cinema. You will need a DCP to screen your film in a cinema. We offer a fast efficient service with a turnaround of just 2-3 working days.

At Post Factory we have a rigorous and robust system for encoding and delivering DCPs. We make DCPs delivered to the industry standard conventions as laid out by the DCI (Digital Cinema Institute). We can ensure your film will run trouble free in every cinema. Our technicians take care to ensure that your DCP is converted correctly; avoiding shifts in colour space, conversion artefacts and out of sync audio. We also test the DCP drive for copy parity and server ingest. We then QC the final DCP play-out, so you can have confidence that your film will be seen as you intended.

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You can now upload your film files to us directly! No more courier or posting. We recommend this for short films. Full details supplied once you get a quote.

Our specially designed custom quote pages will guide you through each step of the complicated DCP process.

You can provide your film media in whatever format you have available – we can deal with it.

However, where possible, we recommend you try and prepare your film assets in the correct format for the DCP process. This will get the best results and save you time and money.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to prep your film for DCP.

An exported full resolution version of the FINISHED film. Ideally, your exported file should be in a DPX or TIFF format. Otherwise, we can take nearly all digital formats, but you should look to produce the best quality version that you can. Therefore we recommend Apple Prores 4444  or a 422HQ codec or AVID DNxHD 444.

Your exported file is at 24fps or 25fps

You need to export your file at one of the following cinema standard resolutions:

  • 2K – FLAT 1998 x 1080 or SCOPE 2048 x 858. (FULL 2048 x 1080 is not recommended)
  • 4K – FLAT 3996 × 2160 or SCOPE 4096 × 1716. (FULL 4096 × 2160 is not recommended)
  • HD projects will be at 1920 x 1080, which you can up-scale as appropriate or we can do this for you

The final mixed audio you give us should be at 48khz and in 24-bit WAV or AIFF with separate channels for 5.1 or 3.0 RLC

Please supply a low-res export of your film for our reference purposes (eg. mp4, quicktime)

Clearly label your exported file. You can help us even further please label it in the following format:  “My_Film_FINISHED_FOR_DCP_Stereo_15mins_24fps.mov”

Further reading on DCPs:


Read this DCP blog from our very own CTO – it gives you a great outline of how to prepare your assets for DCP


Read the Wikipedia page all about the Digital Cinema Package


The official website for the Digital Cinema Initiative, the folks behind creating the DCP standards.

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