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DCP solutions for your film festival

Technical Support

We are happy to talk aspect ratios, bitrates and inodes until the cows come home. Ask us questions, tap into our knowledge and experience. We can liaise with your venues to ensure that when assets are delivered they slot seamlessly into their workflow. Let us talk technical with the projectionist allowing your team to focus on managing the event.

No Cost to You

Working in partnership with Post Factory is one way to get all the benefits without any costs! Ensure your festival shows the films at their best with DCPs for all your short films, features, documentaries, even trailers and promos. Just send your filmmakers our way. We work directly with them to produce DCI standard DCPs. A perfect screening every time. We’ll handle the technical aspects, freeing you to contrate on the festival.

Avoid the traffic

We have delivered hundreds of DCPs to film festivals all over the world. Let us take care of the dispatch and delivery of yours. Whatever works best – whether that’s collating all the DCPs and trafficking the films to the correct venues, or sending them directly to you for central distribution. Talk to us about file uploading solutions, so you can offer greater flexibility for venues and filmmakers.

Cost effective for filmmakers

Give your filmmakers greater rewards for being selected. Become a partnered festival and we can offer your filmmakers exclusive discounts on DCP services. An excellent choice for them and an easy choice for you.


We already work with the Raindance Independent Film Festival in London, one of the largest and most established festivals in the UK. For over four years we have worked closely with Raindance filmmakers to produce high-quality DCPs to exhibit their work in West End cinemas.

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