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We appreciate that for many producers and filmmakers a DCP is often the very last thing on your mind. There are a lot of hoops to jump through before you get this stage.

Rest assured we’ve worked with hundreds of independent filmmakers to guide them through this technically complex exhibition asset. We have a range of film festival services that we are ready to tailor to your project.

Post Factory is the perfect place to get your DCP made so you can exhibit your film in the best possible way.

Why choose Post Factory for your DCP?

Quality | Trusted | Experts Hundreds of film DCPs delivered all over the world

  • We offer an unmatched service on quality and price
  • We work with you to deliver your film fit for digital exhibition. Helping you navigate the correct aspect ratios, sound assets and legal levels.
  • Excellence guaranteed — we carefully QC every film to ensure there are no issues, we’ll spot anything that is out of place, and consult you immediately.  
  • Bulletproof DCPs — our DCPs are strictly formatted to DCI guidelines. Copies are parity checked and we use robust reliable delivery media. You can be confident that your DCP will play in any cinema in the world no matter what the server setup.
  • Discounts for partnered festivals — we already offer great prices, but getting selected for a festival deserves an extra reward! 
  • Complete deliverables solutions — we can also provide further deliverables at great rates; subtitle tracks, DVD and blu-ray screeners, distribution spec files.   

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